Carlton House: a history

This history of a Leytonstone House is now available.
In hardback:
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In paperback:
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Our Services

Using the birth, marriage and death indexes, census and parish records, we can guarantee establishing a lineage going back to the early nineteenth century and in many cases, we can go back further.

From this, a tree will be made showing your direct ancestors. Other types of tree, for example, showing all descendents from a single origin, will also be provided at your direction. A report will be supplied tracing the story of your family, where and who they were and what they did and demonstrating how the research was undertaken.

In addition, further archival research can be undertaken, after consultation with you. This is usually done to find more personal information on the people who appear in your tree, although any kind of historical research will be considered.

We also provide Record Agent services, for those who already know what they are looking for, but cannot undertake the research themselves.

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