Carlton House: a history

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Carlton House: Leytonstone

The Lost Origins of Carlton House

Many of the residences of both Leyton and Leytonstone have been swept away as the rising tide of London has drawn nearer, and at the present rate nearly, if not quite all, the large family residences will soon be gone.” Rev Wilkinson, 1897

Nearly all, but not quite all. Carlton House, the end of a large terrace of three, is one of few remaining eighteenth century buildings in Leytonstone, hidden behind shops at the top of the High Street. When it was built, next to the Crown Inn (now renamed the Sheepwalk) and a little way down from the ancient inn of the Green Man, (now called O’Neills), it stood beside other elegant residences like Sycamore House, Wallwood House and Leyspring House, but these have long since disappeared. Although it has stood for at least two hundred fifty years in this prime spot, it is barely mentioned in any records, being tenanted by merchants and the local clergy, and no documents now survive to show who built it, when and why. Therefore, its early history must be established obliquely from old taxation accounts, maps and letters and other flotsam left behind in history’s wake until such time when it makes a definite appearance in the record books.

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